Sports and Physiotherapy

No Pain, All The Gain

Sports and Physiotherapy are aspects of health care that assesses and treats a range of musculoskeletal injuries caused by physical exercise, playing sport or simply an occupational injury.


 Using principles of health and sport and exercise sciences, Kelly will prepare her clients for returning to training, competition and where applicable, daily living. 

Some conditions we treat include:

ligament, muscle and tendon injuries

Back pain 

Joint instability

Fractures post immobilisation 

General and specific muscle weakness 

Neural sensitivity 


What we provide...


Rehabilitation Exercises 

Rehabilitation exercises are your primary active coping strategy to enable a faster return to sport. With the right recommendations and rehabilitation program it enhances muscle memory, return to full range of movement and aids healing. 


Mobilisations are a form of treatment that can be applied on peripheral or spinal joints. It may improve range of motion and reduces pain, and along side other treatment mobilisations can aid in reducing your recovery time. 

Injury Examination and Assessment

Your appointment will consist of a full examination and assessment. This will enable us to tailor your rehabilitation to your needs.

Sports Massage

Massage can help to reduce muscle pain and discomfort, while reducing injury recovery time. Sports massage is also a nice way to prepare or recover from sporting events.


Taping has been used in sporting events for many years. We will ensure you have the right application for your sporting or injury, while educating you about the pro's cons and applied science behind the use of taping.

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