Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation

Healthier Heart, Healthier you

Our team is fully qualified under the BACPR certification providing evidence-based, individualised or group exercise sessions for clients with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and those with significant CVD risk factors.

Current Phase 4 Group Exercise Classes 

St Albans Hospital 

Tuesday 6 pm

Studio 180 Letchworth

Friday 1.15pm


 Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV Home Workout 


Who can benefit from the cardiac rehabilitation home workout? 

The Program is designed for those who are currently enrolled onto a Phase 4 class in the UK.

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 4 Homework Program? 

A novel and exciting way to access suitable exercises anytime via a computer, laptop, phone or printout. The program is easy to access, it includes written and video explanations on how to complete and monitor each exercise.  The program will be updated every month, refreshing a few different exercises.

How do I begin the cardiac rehabilitation phase 4 homework program? 

Email your interest to Simon via the 'Contact us' button below 

The Home Workout Program

'Cardiac Rehab Phase 4'



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