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Jumpstart Your Health

Personal Training

Feel Good, Look Good

Do your body a favor and get your blood pumping. Health and fitness is as much about what your body looks like on the outside as it is about how it functions on the inside. Personal training will help you accomplish goals that may seem unreachable, its a personal approach with specific tailored training set up to achieve your personal goals.

Sports and Physiotherapy

No Pain, All The Gain

An aspect of health care that assesses and treats a range of musculoskeletal injuries caused by physical exercise, playing sport or simply an occupational injury.


Kelly provides injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation using principles of health, sport and exercise sciences. Sports and physiotherapy will prepare the participant for returning to training, competition and where applicable, daily living. 

Nutritional Consultation

Eat Well, Play Well

Providing impartial, scientific evidence-based information on food and nutrition. Addressing how your diet, lifestyle and physical activity choices contribute to your health, wellbeing and the prevention of major modifiable diseases.

Group Training

Fitness with Friends

An exciting form of training that gives you the workout you need whilst training with friends. We are able to provide you with a dynamic and exhilarating workout tailored to your groups goals.

Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation

Healthier Heart, Healthier you

Delivery and assessment of evidence-based, individualised programmes of prevention and rehabilitation, which are accessed both by individuals with established Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and those with significant CVD risk factors.

Stroke & Neurological injury rehabilitation

Movement after Stroke

Providing you with the tools to improve your daily living following a stroke or acquired brain injury. Incorporating Task-related functional movement training, physical coping strategies and stroke-specific resistance training will assist you to becoming more independent.

Sports Massage

Feel Good, Better Results

Sports massage is beneficial not only for injury rehabilitation but it may also improve sporting performance. Soft tissue abnormalities can cause muscle pain and therefore reduce muscle control, power and endurance. Sports massage can help alleviate these symptoms and in turn improve your athletic ability.

Sports Specific Training

A Stronger You

Looking to improve your sporting performance? Then sports specific training is for you! Using up to date scientific methods to ensure you get the best training, recovery, nutrition and results for your sport.


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